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Precariously placed aliterations (and puns) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Precariously placed alliterations and puns

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(no subject) [Feb. 3rd, 2007|10:36 pm]
Precariously placed alliterations and puns
[Current Location |Seafoam Spikes]
[music |Sleeping Lessons- The Shins]

No wedding, but there was a funeral. Lisa Lund, family friend of the true-blue Swede generation (Grandmother, etc.) It's not like I saw Lisa more than twice a year, but it was still sobering none-the-less. And infuriating when I watched the priest reading the last rites from the little congregation handbook. Complete with "And here we say goodbye to dear brother/sister <insert name here> until the day we meet him/her in heaven again."
I played my part, however, and didn't even curse in the house of God. Look at me go.

Spent a few evening hours in the Tattered Cover, sipping on Green Tea Mate Chai (The woman gave me a 10-cup punch card and proceeded to give me three punches. For being adventerous and ordering a large drink when I didn't even know I would like it.) and verifying my credit card worked via the purchase of musics. Evening cut short by my leaving the lights of my car on for an hour and letting the battery die. Will fix that tomorrow morning.

Found the first 11 episodes of Venture Bros. on YouTube. Which is amusing, in a depressing kind of way.

My parents (Both now.) have decided they do not trust Kalin as far as they can throw them. Moreover, they will not shut up about it. My father gave me a long speech on relationships, or at least tried to. He was sloshed at the time, and mainly concentrating on driving me home safely. I assured him I was quite alright and he had no need to worry, and we had very involving conversations about Ann Coulter and Billy Holiday. And he swerved- a lot.

Now, it is time to have a stiff drink. Two, actually. There is margarita mix in the fridge, a cabinet full of vodka, and plenty of hard lemonade. I have no work tomorrow and no homework- So plenty of time to sleep off a hangover.

-Much Love


P.S. My co-worker has promised me a burned copy of a downloaded version of the new Arcade Fire cd.

Also, my wages seem to have increased. I have recieved a pay raise of 25 cents. Which is exactly why I love my job.

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Wan light of day, warm the backside and the face, warn the neighbor of the fence you drove away [Jan. 31st, 2007|08:39 am]
Precariously placed alliterations and puns
[Current Location |Finally]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |In the End (Shortbus)]

"Because I remind
You of Tidus you love me
Because I do not."

(There was a haiku meme here, but it exploded.) (Over at http://memes.angrygoats.net/forms/haiku)

Note to self: No more serial experiments lain before bed. Please. I don't even know how I thought that would be a good idea.

It's one of those instant oatmeal mornings, roll out of bed, check for a pulse, continue rolling out the door. Like a finely diluted sludge.

I'm wondering if my Job is having any affect on my ability to detect sarcasm. Thanks to my boss, who's only way of interacting with me involves insulting me in a sarcastic manner. Like he does with everyone. And with many other people, he is downright mean, so that no one really trusts that he is only being sarcastic.
Wait, I've always been like this. Nevermind.

 However, I'm still in a good mood. Which is nice. I may be busy all the time, but my credit card may actually work now, and iRiver may help me out with my  mp3 player.

No real news, but life is moving forward. I'm going to make this contented feeling last.

-Much Love

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Can you give me the time of the day you will die? Can you maybe try? [Jan. 29th, 2007|09:49 pm]
Precariously placed alliterations and puns
[Current Location |Mad Hatter's Tea Party]
[mood |frustratedfurious]
[music |Lloyd, I'm ready to be Heartbroken]

So, after contacting iRiver, I was pointed in the direction of a firmware update download- that actually benefitted my mp3. And it even started working afterward. For about 5 minutes.

I could really use a murderous rampage right now

-Much Love


P.S. Oh! Recordnerd! http://www.recordnerd.com/lists/Matterstill/
Someday I will update this thing for real. For now, there are a few bands that I want like badly. This being a fraction of what I really want (Will deal with that with a more official list-type-thing.)

Hum. Other than that, I am horribly busy. But I am feeling good. And that's what counts.
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Music soothes the savage beast. Candlelight increase. [Jan. 26th, 2007|01:07 pm]
Precariously placed alliterations and puns
[Current Location |Minestroni]
[mood |groggygroggy]
[music |No Cars Go- Arcade Fire.]

Am retooling my music on my computer, trying to get it into some sort of recognizable shape. Have found musics previoulsy lost, and that they will not play in any format. These would include:

Belle & Sebastian- Boy with the Arab Strap
Tori Amos- Boys for Pele
Wolf's Rain- Original Soundtrack.

Am in need of music. Am in need of mp3 player. I simply don't listen to music very much any more. Ever since my mp3 died I've been very bad about just sitting down, shutting myself off, and listening to music. This is a very bad trend, as music is generally a good thing. Which I need to listen to more of.

Any help is much appreciated.

Will update my recordnerd page since I like to flaunt my (Minimal) cd collection. Even if I break the rules and list all my burned cds. It makes for a nice place to list it all.

Much Love


P.S. Death Note- yes, it's anime. Yes, a lot of people don't actually like anime. This anime won't change their opinion. For people who trust that Anime is capable of being intelligent, interesting, and snappy, should check out Death Note if they haven't done so already. Because Death Note kicks ass.

P.P.S. Nightwatch also kicks ass. The book, not the movie. I've talked to three other people, all of whom fell asleep during the movie. It may be becuase we all tried watching it extremely late at night, or we were just bored with it. I suggest a study be drawn up, Nightwatch watched, and judged as a film.
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Caliper Jones and the Mysanthrope of Misery [Jan. 19th, 2007|03:57 pm]
Precariously placed alliterations and puns
[Current Location |Moscow]
[mood |tiredtired]

Spent a week being busy. Work and School and none of it particularly interesting. My math course is like IMP for even stupider children. And without Ms. Rubino. Found a candle place on 16th avenue. Am sans credit card until sometime early next week and completely out of gas. My legs are generally very angry at everything I have to do.

I still can't get blackboard working, so I still haven't been able to contact the teacher for my online course. Feh.

Was told by random strangers that I am stupid for playing Alliance in World of Warcraft. By people who extolled the virtues of Blood Elves while simultaneously playing Alliance in World of Warcraft. Have decided that people are stupid and I really ought to put that game behind me.

Spent today playing FfXii. The style of storytelling being something along the lines of dungeondungeonboss plotbomb. dungeondungeondungeonboss plotbombsqueal and repeat. I want a story with better pacing.

Will read some more Nightwatch, which gives up on plot in favor of, "Urban Punk flava." I need a good tome to read. Discworld novels and Russian fantasy punk can only last so long. I need an epic like the Baroque Cycle, only actually interesting. I saw Germypost about a book series called, "A Song of Ice and FIre," which comes critically acclaimed. It has come to my attention via Germ, however, that I would find these books to be too emotionally mature. Or I'm incapable of reading emotionally mature literature. Or something.

Was incredibly insulted. Want to read A Song of Ice and Fire, but do not want to simply to spite Germ. Except that's already an exciting incentive.

Now, for more fighting Vampies with the power of cheap vodka.

-Much Love


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And that's when the spider catches the fly [Jan. 14th, 2007|08:12 pm]
Precariously placed alliterations and puns
[Current Location |Feywood]
[mood |complacentcomplacent]

Older Woody Allen films make me happy.  Watched "Hannah and her Sisters," dating back to 1986 and must now accept that Woody Allen was eerily brilliant. The movie dated back to 1986, the Newest movie of his I have seen. (Or have seen and can credit to him) So I don't know if he continues to be genius.

But I love having to watch people being people, and being so uncomfortable with myself and the fact that everything makes sense.

DIdi just came into my room and told me I should be a film history major. She got offended when I told her to go away. This is a few days after she told me I should go to college to become a theologian. Because literary English isn't usless enough a degree. (This being a few days after telling me I should look into D.U.'s school of law and see what it takes to get a good lawyerin' degree)

I can't take that woman. I just can't. Now, for the bi-weekly candle lighting, book reading and hot chai drinking. Tomorrow, UCD. Hah.

Life is slowly entering that phase where everything works, like little gears in a clock, and Woody Allen reminds me I'm not nearly as existentially angsty as I used to be.

Like Peace, but with less direct sunlight.

-Much love

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Running with vowels (Geekdom, Freemasonry, Cranberry Apple. [Jan. 4th, 2007|09:42 pm]
Precariously placed alliterations and puns
[Current Location |The Tea Shop]
[mood |contentcontent]

So, as a result of the "Goodbye Gabe," drinking spree, my co-worker took my phone home with him accidentally. I did not realize this until tonight when my phone was recovered. Since I wasn't so drunk this time. I also got five dollars in tips, from the one woman that called all night. Bah. People are starting to learn that cold food isn't as yummy in cold weather.

Lauren was fired, which brings peace to the hearts of men. She did her job extremely well. She was just incapable of working with people and living creatures in general.

D.U. hates me and continues to be all fangy and growly and mean, but at least I had the testicles to argue with the secretary about University policy and now have it in writing that she will call me on Monday so my transcript will be ready for UCD. Huzzah-like.

Today was Dim Sum and slushies and a massive Scrabble attack. Also, the Magic Flute. Mozart really loved his freemasons, considering he couldn't stop talking about them. I'm sure his fellow Mason (Masonics?) were not too pleased with this.

Playing FfXii. Balthier is, in fact, mad sexy. Vaan is adorable in a, "You hate me because I remind you of TIdus but love me because I don't act like him and I kind of look like a girl," kind of way. Fran just makes me squeal. Penelo is like Selphie had Selphie been cognizant of the horrible things that happened in her life and had been affected by them. Basch says sorry even more times than I do, but he's actually tolerable without that giant, "prison-beard" of his. Have met Ashe. Want to destroy her with the power of fist.

Just met "Lamont." Squealed some more.

Now, hot fudge and Discworld. Terry Pratchett proves once again he is not only just a guy who rips off Douglas Adams, He is also really well informed and actually knows what he is doing. Plus, he's actually learning how to write more and more complex plots. Just think of the last 26 books as a learning experience.

-Much Love

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Browncoat revolution. [Jan. 2nd, 2007|09:59 pm]
Precariously placed alliterations and puns
[Current Location |December]
[mood |iratep-irate]

Tonight is one of the straight step-cousins birthdays, which means they have both invaded the house, with girlfriends in tow. Which basically means there was lots of fawning over little girls who would then get into kissing matches with their respective sperm donors. Heterosexual couples, curled up into pretzels and locked all up in a bundle. The only reason this pisses me off to such a terrible degree is the knowledge I will never be able to do this. Not with nearly the same amount of social acceptable-ness.  All the adults thinking, "Oh how cute," and I in the corner, fuming a little because I would never get the same reaction were another man involved. And I really should have expected  the female that accompanied the birthday boy.

It's times like these that the breeder crowd really irritates me.

It probably doesn't help that I also happen to be drunk as a skunk who happens to be drunk. So I retreat to my room.

Today was Gabe's last day ever. Must find a new job and now, before I am eated by people I don't actually like but have to pretend to tolerate as human beings. I'm not good at being tolerable. I've tried. It's not for me.

If nothing else, at least I drink like a man. Huzzah.

-Much Love

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So we're opting for the season pass, we hope to see you there. [Dec. 29th, 2006|02:47 pm]
Precariously placed alliterations and puns
[Current Location |Mind's Eye]
[mood |intimidatedintangible]

So, all my snowbound preparations really boil down to tea and ice cream. If i am stuck with these people any longer, however, I may have to resort to homicide. My car still doesn't on snow and ice like I wish it would, but my father is offering one, "Free ride to any place in Denver so long as we don't have to come pick you up later" card.

The milkman came yesterday, to which I say ha-ha.

Tried showing off Okami to Didi, her response basically boiling down to, "Isn't this the stuff you played when you were six?" Which gave me one of those feelings of inadequacy, like I haven't grown as a person since age six. The feeling was fleeting, but it was still downheartening. Showed Okami off to dad, his response boiling down to, "Pretty."

I'm already going mad.

Also, Psychobilly Freakout just entered my head. Oh god I am teh doomed.

-Much Love

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"Do you think TOOL would have made it with a lisp?" *walks away quickly* [Dec. 27th, 2006|12:54 pm]
Precariously placed alliterations and puns
[Current Location |Facedown]
[music |The Island.]

So, people were inclined to give me lots of dollar bills for Christmas. Since I didn't really feel like compiling a list of things I actually wanted. Seemed too laborious. So, my Grandmother gave me a teddy bear from when I was a youngin' and my mother found me lots of chai, candles, pillows and tazo tea. Tazo tea which I then left at my mother's house because my arms were full of chai and candles and pillows.

Have invaded Cherry Creek Mall. Only because I couldn't walk anywhere else and already knew how much Tattered Cover didn't have the books I wanted and Twist & Shout didn't have the cds I wanted. As much as I hate shopping at some of the stores in that mall, I got good discounts on after-Christmas sales which were  happy. I am a  consumer whore again, only this time less to  console myself and more for the hell of it.

I bought games. FfXii and Okami. FfXii  because everyone in the world already has it  and when I  look at it imploringly they growl because that is not the kind of shit you just give out. That's the shit you pay your dealer premium for. Okami because it is fucking gorgeous and everyone is all about wolves and brush painting and fighting evil dragons with booze. And then not buying Okami so the developers get cut and die and have to sell themselves to creepy Japanese businessmen to make a living. Not that I'm bitter.

I bought books. The Ladies of Grace Adieu  to be exact,  and  Feet of Clay.  The former because Susanna Clarke has crafted the most beautiful 19th century England in the right hemisphere of her brain and it shows. Feet of Clay because I am reading another DIscworld novel right now by the name of Going Postal, and It is making me all hot and bothered for murderous golems. The Decemberists were playing both in my cd player and Waldenbooks, further evidence that songs about murdering children and raping innocent women make people want to spend more money.

I bought musics. New Pornographers, The Breeders, and Yo La Tengo.  Because unadultered joy was on sale today for 10-20 percent off and I was all like, "zomg joy!"

And tea. Which I am sipping and is making me warm up and smell the bamboo I forgot to water this morning. I'll get right on that.

-Much Love

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